In support of the expanding need for Vermont wine grapes, we are now providing the necessary services to assist in every phase of vineyard creation, from concept to reality. Our range of vineyard services includes the following:

Vineyard Consulting
• Vineyard design consulting
• Vineyard cost analysis and cost estimating
• Vineyard installation oversight and management

Vineyard Development, Preparation and Installation
• Site analysis and selection
• Soil testing
• Soil amendment purchase and installation
• Soil preparation for planting
• Grapevine selection and acquisition
• Planting management
• Planting services
• Vineyard trellising design
• Trellis equipment acquisition
• Trellis installation
• Trellis wiring
• Irrigation and drainage analysis
• Irrigation acquisition and installation

Vineyard Management
• Vine training
• Vineyard weeding / mowing
• Vineyard spraying / fertilizing
• Green pruning and canopy management
• Netting
• Grape testing
• Harvesting
• Pruning
• Activity logging / recording

For more information contact:
Mad River Vineyard
phone: 802.279.8957